We exist to PROTECT your assets and EMPOWER your business during the stressful and complicated business of being audited by the Texas Comptroller.

We will help you avoid costly audit mistakes. Most tax auditors have very little experience since staff turnover is high; so it may be too risky to trust an auditor with limited knowledge and experience to make accurate decisions that will impact your business now and for many years to come.

State and Local Tax compliance is complicated. You can level the playing field by working with us. We speak the same language, we have the knowledge, the experience, and access to key relationships to help you. We will FIGHT AND DEFEND your business, and make the experience less overwhelming for you and your staff.

No matter where you are in the audit process, we can help.

Notification of routine audit –  This is the PERFECT TIME for you to hire us. We can negotiate for you the most ideal situation for this process, so that you can continue to focus on growing your business. We will pursue a no-tax due determination, so that you are not audited again.

Notification of Audit Results – Your audit has been finalized and this is your tax bill. If you are not in agreement with the audit results or you do not have a clear understanding of the audit adjustments, WE CAN HELP. We will also search for potential tax credits which auditors usually fail to recognize.

Prior Audit was 2-3 years ago – If your prior audit resulted in a deficiency, you will be AUDITED AGAIN and WE CAN HELP YOU get ready for your next audit. Avoid just waiting to see what happens. Auditors are more aggressive the second time around.

Never been audited - We have seen business fail or struggle painfully because of lack of knowledge. Do not trust you are doing things okay. We can provide you with a compliance check and provide you with valuable feedback. Don’t wait until you are audited to take action, by then the damage may be too difficult or impossible to overcome. Also, please consider that ignorance has never been considered a valid argument in court.

New Business Owners - We want you to be successful, so we will provide you with an accurate and comprehensive understanding of your Texas State and Local tax responsibilities. An audit may cover four years and one big mistake could jeopardize the cash-flow of your business. 


The following types of business are MORE LIKELY to be AUDITED:

  • Real property services, such as lawn maintenance, janitorial services, etc.

  • Contractors or subcontractors involved in new construction and/or remodeling.

  • Convenience Stores

  • Information and data processing services, such as web design services, etc.

KGVG Advisors will help you minimize the negative consequences from having an audit.
We will work for YOU to receive FAIR treatment and the BEST possible AUDIT RESOLUTION. 

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